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Original Leonardo CD Player

  • 65000

Modified Philips VAM12 top-loading laser pick up and Philips CD7-II digital servo system.

Discrete Burr-Brown PCM-1792 24-bit/192 kHz converters, filter and output circuits per channel for a fully differential design.

Two remote-selectable digital filters.

Two heavy-duty toroidal power transformers in sealed metal sub enclosure separate digital and analog circuits via six power supply and voltage regulator circuits, including a discrete clock supply.

Proprietary GOS digital processing technology (rewritten Philips server software for better fault tolerance, more accurate track access and faster TOC reading).

Blue LEDs on top and display panel.

Heavy duty aluminum alloy top loading cover, chassis, adjustable feet and remote control.

XLR and RCA analog and coaxial and optical digital outputs.

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