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Conrad Johnson cav50 Tube Integrated Amplifier

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Conrad Johnson cav50 tube integrated amplifier in very good condition. 

Tube complement: 4x EL34 (output), 2x 6SN7 (driver), 2x 12AX7Q (phase splitter) and 1x 12AU7 (preamp output).

Rated output power: 45W into 8 ohms (16.5dBW), 30Hz-15kHz, 1% THD (pentode/ultralinear); 22Wpc into 8 ohms (13.4dBW), 1.5% THD (triode).
Input impedance: 50k ohms.
Sensitivity: 500mV for full power. Measured output impedance: 0.4 ohms.

In good working and cosmetic condition

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